About Us

The Maths Centre is a part of the Institute of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the School of Engineering of the UAS.

Your partners at the Maths Centre are all faculty members teaching maths, with a long record of valuable teaching experience. We are thoroughly familiar with the challenges typically encountered by students of mathematics at the university level:

  • We know the maths topics requirements in the modules of the different degree courses in our School of Engineering.
  • Based on our long teaching experience, we have a deep insight into the difficulties students struggle with in their maths courses.

Currently, some half dozen maths teachers provide support at the Maths Centre, thus guaranteeing a broad range of perspectives on mathematical topics and methods. In many cases, merely a different presentation or the establishing of a link from one subject area to aspects of another topic may suffice to clarify a specific problem and indicate its solution.

Throughout the current semester, the following people cover regular duty shifts at the Maths Centre:

  • Donat Adams
  • Concetta Beneduce
  • Nadine Conza
  • Thomas Heim
  • Stefan Kastner
  • Andreas Leiser
  • Thomas Petermann
  • Marcel Steiner
  • Charles Trefzger
  • Andreas Vogt

Head of the Centre is Thomas Heim.